32 thoughts on “Pep talk.”

  1. I am still laughing. This is SO what I do. I even tried to figure out the brand of the colored pencils, and noted the size of the sketchbook, as if that mattered! I will take this and JUST DO IT, as soon as I do some other things…


  2. That was great! Laughed through the whole thing… At first glance
    I thought I was seeing Will Wheaton LOL Point taken. Time to find my pencils.


  3. I’ve just snorted my Twinings Gingerbread tea out of my nose for giggling. 😂😂

    The thing is, if your pencils and paintbrushes aren’t all lined up and perfectly straight the world might explode.


    Won’t it? 😕


  4. Sorry, Danny, but I much prefer positive encouragement much more than this bossy, abusive approach. Participating in the Every Day in May and June challenges has gotten me going, sketching and painting every day, using skills gleaned from all the wonderful SBS Klasses. Thank you! Cheryl “Sherry” André

    Sent from my iPhone Sherry André



  5. You did it AGAIN! Every day for a few weeks now I have let everything else I needed to do get in the way of my journal sketching and watercolor practice. Now, I have the fear monkey on my back. What if I can’t sketch any more (as if any skill I acquired just vanished) what if. What if??!!!! This video was hysterical, Danny! I am writing this down NOW. TODAY I will put something, anything, in my sketchbook. I think about drawing all of the time. Perhaps what I create in my mind is so much better than what I can really do.. GO PLAY IN TRAFFIC MONKEY. You are too heavy for me to even pick up a pen!!’ As always, thanks, Danny. You really do rock. Karen


  6. Thanks, guys. This is so right on. Sometimes I need a little encouragement….maybe not yelling; but, that was funny. I sort of yell at myself like that. I’m going to finish the three paintings I started yesterday…right after I finish my coffee.


  7. Yep, I’m with those that don’t like the yelling…that’s what my monkey says “DO IT, just do it…why are you always complaining about finding time? You’re such a moaner”…. to me that’s not a Pep talk, that’s bullying…


  8. Goin’ on a little vacation…brought lots of art stuff…left the ukulele at home…just gonna do art ….even though my fingers will be itchin’ for my uke…..this is just an ART TRIP,


  9. Hey Danny your video is so much more than funny to me. There was a band in the 70’s called B.T. Express that sang a song called Do It (Til’ You’re Satisfied)
    Goes a little something like this

    Go on and do it
    Do it ’til you’re satisfied (whatever it is)

    People know just what they’d like to do
    Whatever it is you got it as long as it pleases you
    Make it last as long as you can
    When you’re through it’s up to you to try it again

    Go on and do it
    Do it, do it ’til you’re satisfied

    Just take some time and relax your mind
    Then do it, do it ’til you’re satisfied

    Then you holla woo-hoo hoo-ooooo

    Go on and do it
    Got to do it
    Do it slow
    Just do it some more

    I’m satisfied



  10. This video was great! I had my earbuds in and was lazily going through your posts when I clicked on the video. Hey, yo, I’m awake now! The artist in your video reminds me a lot of, well, me. Sorting through and organizing art supplies. I have another brand new sketchbook that I’m afraid to make a mark in because I don’t want to make a mistake. The sketchbook looks perfect and pristine right now, why mess it up? I’ve been trying to gently remind myself that I am not perfect and I constantly make mistakes. Pobody’s nerfect. Somehow, I’m still alive and well. I’m thinking of calling my new sketchbook – A Sketchbook of Mistakes and Imperfections. Maybe now I can make that mark.


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