29 thoughts on “I just love this.”

  1. Thanks for sharing this. His work is beautiful and I had no idea there was even such a thing as a master penman. How interesting!


  2. This is amazing ! Thank you for sharing . I wish Schools still taught handwriting. I remember being so excited in the third grade when I got to use a pen and I started practicing my cursive.


  3. Wow…what can happen when one is truly invested in learning and mastering a subject…..and many Educational authorities want to remove the teaching of cursive handwriting from schools curricula? What a huge mistake that will be!


  4. In graphic design school, they call this “hand skills,” and they urged us to keep them up. The thought was that our main tool was the computer, but that we shouldn’t lose touch with what can be made by hand. Jake certainly tips the scales back the other way!


  5. Hi, Danny ! I am a member of IAMPETH…International Association of Master Penmen Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting and I know Jake quite well from our organization. He is truly an amazing young man. And he is just as nice a person as he is a skilled penman! I have taken two classes taught by him in flourishing at our annual convention. Thanks so much for sharing this video with the world! As we sketchers use tools to interact with the world we view, we calligraphers use many of the same tools to interact with the words in our world. Handwriting is an art and a tool that we need to keep alive.

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  6. “If you don’t teach your child handwriting, the thoughts that they develop when they wish to communicate will vanish as soon as their hands leave the keyboard.” That’s strong! I know that when I took handwritten notes during a lecture or took down notes while reading a textbook, I pretty much had the concepts without having to go back over the material. Now I understand why, but I lament that my grandchildren are not being taught any sort of penmanship at all.


  7. Thank you for finding and sharing this. I am going to share it too. When cursive writing is being omitted from too many schools, this is a fabulous response. His work is so beautiful. This is a wonderful video.


  8. Yes! What a surprise that it was sponsored by Coors – penmanship is not the first thing I think of when I think of beer,

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  9. This makes me want to run into my studio and begin working with my pens and inks again! What a talent. Seems the more technology develops, the more the desire for the handmade pushes back. I work in a school where cursive is still taught. Still kids ask me with excitement in their voices if the can sign their papers in cursive. I still take all my notes by hand. My colleagues like to sit next to me while I take notes since I also draw. I love the feeling of pen or pencil against paper. Sigh.


  10. My 30 year old son was never taught cursive handwriting in school. He has trouble reading anything in cursive, especially if it is not neat handwriting. I have also heard from parents who left a babysitter a note they couldn’t read because it was in cursive. I have always loved to write beautifully and would love to become a calligrapher but haven’t been willing to go through the internship to get good at it. I had no idea there were so few Master Penman.


  11. Danny, thanks for bringing this to our attention – absolutely fabulous! His artistry is astonishing, but his message about the skills being lost due to our reliance on computers, is equally important.


  12. Golly gosh .. I would love to look him over the shoulder. He’s sooo talented and must be a very very patient man 🙂 I hope the next generation will continue this kind of art. Tine (Denmark)


  13. I went to Catholic schools where penmanship was taught daily. It shows, I believe, in my handwriting today. So, I will return to”the longest romance between the eye and the hand” and get to work. Danny, thank you for sharing this inspiring video. I am moved. Truly.


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