I’ll show you mine if you show me yours.

Chilling with my homies.

Don’t embrace the myth of the lone genius, toiling in solitude in his garret, undiscovered. Don’t turn “I’ll show you when it’s good enough” into a day that never comes. Don’t dismiss the contributions of other people to making your art better.

Art, like all living things, doesn’t thrive in a vacuum. It needs something to push against, something to react to, the grain of sand in the oyster.

It could be a community of people with whom you collaborate. It could be an audience who shares your work and reflects new perspectives and energy. It could be colleagues who help you polish your creations and see it anew. It could be the long procession of great artists who preceded you and whose work can inspire yours in a thousand ways.

Be brave. Step out. Invite response. Share your gifts.

Art is a conversation. Make sure you’re not just talking to yourself.