Jack hits the road.

Yesterday my son left home.

He forgot his comb.

Jack flew to Rome

in a tube of chrome

To drink cappuccino with foam

And grow his beard like a gnome.

Across Europe he’ll roam.

He’ll visit Place Vendome

And read the Mysterium Magnum of Jacob Boehm.

(Quite a tome.)

He’ll hike across Italian loam

To draw a thicket of ancient brome

Then pause to chant Om

on some verdant Tuscan holm.

And then he’ll return from St. Peter’s dome

to New York, cold as Nome,

and say, “Hey, Papa, Shalom!

What’s for dinner?”

11 thoughts on “Jack hits the road.”

  1. Combs are over rated😉. What a wonderful adventure he will have. Hoping he will let you share some of his travel sketches with us!


  2. How can you let that little toddler go so far from home? LOL! I met little Jack as on as a toddler in your book, Everyday Matters! We became FAMILY! Drawing does that! We’ve been together ever since, everyday drawing our world. So what is for dinner tonight? Don’t forget the bananas for the monkeys!


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