The right time to start.

I’ll start when the summer’s over.
I’ll start when the kids go back to school.
I’ll start when I have time to get to the art supply store.
I’ll start when everything calms down at work.
I’ll start when I retire.
I’ll start when I lose some weight.
I’ll start when I can find a class to take.
I’ll start when Danny’s new book comes out.
I’ll start when I feel better.
I’ll start when I have a week to myself.
I’ll start when someone makes me.
I’ll start when I finish this blog post.

10 thoughts on “The right time to start.”

  1. Drawing is fun- there are lots of fun things to draw and plenty of paper. Here is a small list of things that are fun to draw: Cats, Dogs, Bees, Your own face, old rockstars, your kitchen, naked ladies, ducks, anglerfish, moose. Google helps provide many free reference photos.


  2. so true!
    you, mind reader ! :0)
    i got it “kicked ” big time.
    yet, i didn’t start much
    or its feeling that i haven’t.
    or its in a “porcelain-y”-kind-of-speed this “start”.
    or should i just pat my shoulder and say “At least you’ve tried.” :0I
    Amazing post Danny!
    thank you.


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