Chicken and Wales.

My partner, Koosje just went to Wales to film one of the next Sketchbook Skool klasses with my old pal, Michael Nobbs. She made a little video behind the scenes of  the trip to give you a taste of what’s to come.

You’ll also get to meet a member of the SBS team you may not know — our fantastic European cameraman Brian who has filmed many of our videos.

11 thoughts on “Chicken and Wales.”

  1. yeaaa good one!
    I love to hear Michael Nobbs podcasts,
    nearly every day, I like his voice!
    But I haven’t seen his drawings 😛
    In fact I know Koosje tnanks Danny, and I know Danny thanks Michael Nobbs :-))


  2. When I think of Sketchbook Skool I (rightly or wrongly) think of New York. Now I find that Koosje and Brian have been to west Wales (where I live) and filmed in Aberystwyth (where I went to university). The world suddenly seems a much smaller place.


    1. Hmm, Maggie. Your comment worries me.
      We have spent a lot of time and money to film klasses in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Stockholm, Paris, India, LA, Sydney, Minneapolis, New Hampshire, Texas, Pasadena, and San Diego.
      Oh and NYC too.
      Hope it was worth it.


      1. Another Maggie from West Wales here – I think I know what Maggie Christie feels. We are right on the edge of the UK here and often feel a bit remote from what is happening in the big cities, so it is really exciting to have a local artist join the Sketchbook Skool team. Looking forward even more now to the next Klass!


  3. My apologies. I didn’t mean to worry you, perhaps my comment was badly worded. I was just thrilled to see that a klass had been filmed in Wales too. I haven’t yet been able to afford to enrol for Skool yet; life’s been a little tough recently but I so desperately want to join in! One day, definitely.

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