Go big. Or go home.

Ah, Vienna! I cracked open the trusty travel journal, uncapped the old brush pen and began to draw the Hofburg Palace. Soon, I realized that I needed to be creative, resourceful, and as resilient as a Hapsburg to tackle the task.

And speaking of travel, I am flying to Indianapolis  today to shoot the next class for Sketchbook Skool. I’ll try to report in from the road.

14 thoughts on “Go big. Or go home.”

  1. Good morning, Danny! I smiled when I saw this video. I just love the crooked lines and wonky windows, if you don’t mind my saying so, and how the entire drawing goes on for pages. It is brilliant and so not what I am able to get down on paper when I attempt even more modest buildings. I have good intentions but then I get obsessed with perspective and details which just suck the life out of architectural drawings (in my opinion) and take the fun out of capturing the essence of the moment. My monkey says stick to nature and the organic….more forgiving, but I am very inspired by this little clip so maybe, just maybe, I will try once again. Have a great trip. I look forward to hearing about our next faculty member.

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  2. Danny, I am from Indianapolis! I work at Indiana University, home of Herron School of Art (where my daughter was just accepted). I would be so thrilled to meet or see you, but I’m happy knowing you’re here! Enjoy your stay (sorry the weather is so gloomy!).


  3. A sweet smile for my day. I love the music as well as the art! Safe travels. Can’t wait to see what you are doing in Indianapolis!


  4. I am in tears! Even had my husband watch. It is the answer to a problem I have been having on how to draw a wrap-around view from my porch! Can’t wait for it to stop raining so I can try it! Awesome! :*)


  5. OMG all those windows! I hope you paused for meals and went back to your hotel at night for a rest. How many weeks did you sit there for? 😉 Amazing achievement. I think you rolled Inktober into one drawing.


  6. The video and your comments are very funny… You were courageous to try! In Tyrol, where I come from, the houses are smaller… although we also have an Imperial Hofburg in Innsbruck. Being an Austrian, I will try to be more aware of that Habsburg resilience – hoping it will help me in my creative projects… 🙂

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  7. This is a great drawing! Actually, every member of the dynasty, when they were crowned emperor added another wing to the palace. Hence the madnitude and the various styles in the palace-block. In the newest part (to the left on the beginning of your drawing) is the Bundeskanzleramt today (the office of the Chancellor).

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