11 thoughts on “Shooting Penny”

  1. I’ve heard that if you drop the polaroid picture into a bucket of water immediately before it sets, you can then manipulate the picture with a stylus. Get “painterly” results or just crazy pictures of the ones you love. If it works hope you let me know. I don’t have a camera but it sounds like such a good idea.


  2. I would have liked to see more of Penny’s art, I mean it was hardly enough of a peek to know what she does! We love you Danny, but this was more about seeing you! Another two minutes of artist process and work so we know what we are signing up for? Too much to ask? Please! Next time!!


  3. That was totally a cute peek behind the scenes! I’ve known about Penelope for a really long time so this is exciting! I’m glad that you were so completely present with Penelope and her family the first night, that you forgot to film.


  4. I love your commentary. Sketchbook Skool private jet, indeed! Indian in Indiana! Your silliness is endearing.

    I would have loved to have a closer look at the artwork over your left shoulder in one of the shots. Hotel art? It looked vintage-y.


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