Inspiration Tuesday: Michael Nobbs

My pal Michael Nobbs suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and yet is a creative and productive artist. We had a chat recently about how he does it and how we can all use his techniques to get more done each day.

Michael is also a teacher in the newest kourse at Sketchbook Skool. If you would like to more tips, suggestions and perspectives from him and our other new fakulty, check out Expressing at

10 thoughts on “Inspiration Tuesday: Michael Nobbs”

  1. I think about art all the time and draw in my journal often which I carry everywhere but Michael is right. I need to time things to refine things. I need to re-work my ideas. I have avoided that because it takes time. My sketches take ‘no time’. I think I need polish of some sort. People respect art that looks more polished.


  2. Very inspirational! And this was the last argiment for me to join the new course. As a working mother of 5-month-old one i thought thay I won’t find time to draw… but then i realised that I can sertainly spare 20 minutes a day 🙂


  3. I use the timer on my stove as motivation to get most things done. I need to create but I also need to make dinner. I too, only have so much energy for either. So, depending on the day I’m having, I set my stove timer for _____ time up on my feet for chores and______ time down in my seat for fun = create. It works most of the time. Baby steps.


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