Inspiration Monday: All aboard!

I’m just back from a trip to Grand Central Station with two artists I really love: France Belleville van Stone and  (former President of Urban Sketchers) Jason Das. The weather outside was frightful but the airy spaces and poetic architecture were a delight. We began with a visit to the Apple Store on the mezzanine to check out the new iPad pros which are zippy and powerful and a pleasure to draw on with the new Apple Pencil.

Then France gave Jason a lesson in how to use Paper, the drawing app for the iPad, and the two of them settled in to draw the information booth and the massive chandelier beyond. It was great to hear how they tackle the space, what they feel about drawing digitally, how to contend with spectators and finally, to see the beautiful art they made.

If you are as entranced as I am by these artists, join them and four other great teachers) in Stretching in the new term at Sketchbook Skool. Find out more here.

9 thoughts on “Inspiration Monday: All aboard!”

  1. I am so glad that the Sketchbook Skool klasses are not endless enrollment. I really think that having them have a definite open enrollment and then klosed like regular skool klasses is the way to go. The video on Stretching has inspired me to take it. I want to take my sketching to the next level! So, I am jumping in again. Thanks, Danny!


  2. Yes I agree Danny !
    In fact thats wasn’t my problem, I saw this yesterday on Facebook.
    Myself, I bought the Procreate and I had the pen as France fifthy three ;-))
    I just bought that was a good idea to go and draw in the Apple store


  3. Super cool! Love the results of their time in Grand Central… makes me want to take this class for sure! Have iPad, want to sketch on it…


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