Inspiration Wednesday: Fun with Faces

I am working on my homework for Week Four of Polishing at Sketchbook Skool. Nelleke Verhoeff is a fantastic teacher, a former street performer, hilarious and imaginative, and if you have missed her klass, please try to take it next time Polishing comes around.


8 thoughts on “Inspiration Wednesday: Fun with Faces”

  1. Finally, a great use for that pad of tonal paper I bought. Make a journal. LOVE the idea of cutting a face in half, drawing the bottom as I wish, then finishing the top. Genius idea for sketching in different styles – it is the jump start needed for practicing new styles. THANKS


  2. Oh yes, I have old yearbooks upstairs that now will be on the shelf in my studio. Love seeing your sketchbooks. Maybe we’ll see “Men in White Shirts” published one day. Ha ha red cheeks…does Mrs. Gregory know you were using her blush? Cheers-Darlene


  3. Love your videos! Thank you for sharing them!
    Your video reminded me that I did a painting of the Bird Man of Alcatraz from his mug shot and the funny thing is that he looked a bit like my painting teacher! Thanks again Danny! Best Regards, Diane


  4. Thank you Danny, enjoyed seeing your sketches and your work in your Moleskine. Impressive and inspirational.


  5. Danny
    That was so much fun! Watched the video and I am jazzed to try this with my students. They love playing around in The Art of Play and more!


  6. Hilarious seeing you powder up! The video pulled me out of a frustrating state of trying to work solely from imagination. The photo mug shot idea spurred me to create 3 faces on my toned paper. Pretty happy with the result thanks to your awesome demo.n love the klass!


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