Study Hall: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

I love this week’s klass in Exploring with one of my idols, Felix Scheinberger. I made a bit of a mess with my homework but then was inspired by an old spaghetti Western. I hope you had fun with your assignment.

Department of Redundancy Dept.

I had a great time drawing my top 32 favorite pens. Sadly, I had to leave the other 749 out.

My homework for Andrea Joseph‘s magnificent klass at Sketchbook Skool. If you don’t know her work, your life, like my pen collection, is incomplete.

How I draw a selfie.

Call me a nerd if you must but I loved doing homework. In this video, I do my assignment for Week Two in Seeing, a Sketchbook Skool klass on drawing self-portraits, taught by my partner, Koosje Koene.

It’s not too late to join Seeing! Click here to learn more.

Inspiration Wednesday: Fun with Faces

I am working on my homework for Week Four of Polishing at Sketchbook Skool. Nelleke Verhoeff is a fantastic teacher, a former street performer, hilarious and imaginative, and if you have missed her klass, please try to take it next time Polishing comes around.


Inspiration Saturday: a tiny adventure

This week I finished my homework early, in part because it was a short, sweet assignment. Our teacher was the legendary Michael Nobbs, my old pal and a calm and lovely spirit.  Speaking of, this week I met an ent.

This is the last week of “Expressing” and I have enjoyed sharing my homework projects with you. I do hope you’ll join me in one of the klasses beginning next Friday at Sketchbook Skool. You can sign up today to make sure you have a spot.