Department of Redundancy Dept.

I had a great time drawing my top 32 favorite pens. Sadly, I had to leave the other 749 out.

My homework for Andrea Joseph‘s magnificent klass at Sketchbook Skool. If you don’t know her work, your life, like my pen collection, is incomplete.

10 thoughts on “Department of Redundancy Dept.”

  1. I enjoyed watching this. While I have no talent in drawing, but I did begin collecting fountain pens in 1992 and have accumulated quite a collection. I tell my wife that my pens are “jewelry you can write with”. Thanks for the video.


  2. How does one remember what effects each pen has? I was able to memorize the particularities of the three out of five pens that I have, I’m sure my collection will expand and I’d like to remember each of them “by name”.


  3. I . . . cannot . . . WAIT to forward this to my hubby. My pen collection is at the very TOP of his amazement list, considering all the configurations and colors and styles etc. of pens I hold onto like my babies. He cannot understand. You’ve explained it, and right on point (uh…). Fountain pens & a wall of inks are my very fave, but not alone in my collection. “781” pens, eh? You validate me, Danny, & I THANK you. You’re an amazing man.


  4. Danny, I love the way the drawing came out. You talk about the key to a successful drawing is taking your time. I’m curious as to how long it took to draw all of the pens? I can’t get a sense of the time through the fast forward presentation. Thanks


  5. Some of us are prone to think “should I really be collecting pens?” from time to time, and this video would be a cure for those people : ) Great video.


  6. Danny thank you for another jam packed learning moment. You teach on many different levels and that is one thing I like about you. Your handbook started me thinking on backgrounds without my even knowing it. I have yet to get to a point where it shows but I am getting there.


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