Study Hall: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

I love this week’s klass in Exploring with one of my idols, Felix Scheinberger. I made a bit of a mess with my homework but then was inspired by an old spaghetti Western. I hope you had fun with your assignment.

11 thoughts on “Study Hall: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly”

  1. I LOVED this Danny! So appreciate your “envy” confession. I have been painting watercolors for about 30 years, and when I see someone pick up a brush for the first time and start selling right away….well, it just rings my envy bell! You took me back a few years with the Silly Putty and westerns (I sure miss them). Dang, your drawings were spot on!


  2. have watched this video two times and will probably watch it three or four more times. TODAY! Well Danny I have copied your stuff many times and Felix’s also, but no one can tell cause it does not come out that way. Sometimes it almost looks like it….. This is another of your best (you keep piling them up). Felix is one worth emulalting for sure. Cannot heap enough praise on you. So I will stop.


  3. Oh Danny, you speak for all of us. I want to be Felix too or at least channel him. I love this video. And I love your drawings. The eye fight has always been one of my favourite scenes bar none. Thanks


  4. What a great way to illustrate how the creative mind works out an idea! I love the element of Six-Degrees-of Separation with your connection to Eli Wallace, too. You took a few recognizable creative references and combined them in a way to make them your own. Thank you!


  5. Oh my gosh! Yours is the first western I have ever enjoyed! The shifty eyes, music, strong lines – everything about it! Glad you are Danny and not Felix although I love his work also. Your yellow me lead you to this great creative production. Bravo!


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