SketchBook Club: David Gentleman

This has been a rough week. I was confined to bed by a brutal cold but had to rise from it to take my dogs to the vet for teeth cleaning which led to Poor Tim having ten teeth pulled. So now we are all lying about in our baskets feeling sorry for each other and ourselves.

Despite all this infirmity, I hosted this week’s meeting of the Sketchbook Club to discuss the work of David Gentleman, an amazing British artist, little known on this side of the pond but a treasure at home.

I have learned a great deal from the many Gentleman books in my library. His design, his technique, his wit and insight are impossible for me to fully emulate but it’s nice to have a distant gleaming point on the horizon to aim for.

If you’d like to add any of these books to your own shelves, these are the ones I discuss with links to where you can them. All by David Gentleman:

Alas, David Gentleman doesn’t teach at Sketchbook Skool, but this is what it might be like if he did:


9 thoughts on “SketchBook Club: David Gentleman”

  1. I just purchased DG’s London and opened it last night! I have two other books of his. I loved Danny going through this with me! I love this series! (So far, I already own all of them-love it! I fall in love with the books all over again!)


  2. I had no idea David Gentleman’s range of drawing styles was so huge. And his mastery of perspective is awesome. Thank you so much Danny for introducing me to his books. My Amazon basket is filling up again 😀


  3. It saddens me to think about what you and Tim went through this week. However you went through it and now you both will recuperate. Hope to hear good things from the both of you from now on. The video is inspiring and chock full of ideas for me. I will look into getting his books and looking forward to next week’s book session. Thank you Danny.


  4. Thank you for these wonderful episodes. I am discovering talented people I didn’t know about. Keep them coming please.


  5. Thank you so much for sharing this, Danny, I’m enjoying your sketchbook club immensely. Hope you’re feeling much better now. 🙂


  6. Thank you Danny! Really interesting to see the wide span in Gentleman’s drawings/paintings, and also to see how he actually – in some cases – seems to approach the motif in different ways within the same piece of work.


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