I’m pretty proud of this.

My friend Michael Saia, one of the top film editors in New York spend a couple of weeks taking all of the hundreds of little documentaries we’ve made and turned it into one short film that tells the story of Sketchbook Skool.

It’s been two and a half years in the making and stars tens of thousands of people. It’s emotional, it’s funny, it’s exciting and it’s real.  Dozens of students made videos telling their feelings about the Skool and I am so moved by their passion for what we have done. I never imagined that this project would grow so big or touch so many lives but it’s wonderful to see how it has.

If you like this film, please consider joining us for the next term at sketchbookskool.com. It starts on June 10. And if you are already enrolled, please share this film on social media and with your friends. I really appreciate your support.