New podcast: Ilise Benun

Here’s this week’s excuse. We’re in the middle of the biggest shoot we’ve done for Sketchbook Skool and I have been debating all week with the monkey on getting out this podcast.  We’ve been at it from the crack o’ dawn till well into the dinner hour every single day this week and the Fuggedabout-It monkey has been gleefully urging me to skip posting a new episode for the first time.

I almost gave in a few times until the Perfectionist monkey chimed in to say, “What!? I thought you said this was gonna be a weekly podcast. You can’t miss an episode, you lazy buttwipe.”

I would nod earnestly until another voice piped up to tell me no one listens to or cares about the podcast, another would say I never follow through with anything, another said I was being a slave driver and it was time for a cold beer, and on and on till the break a dawn.

Which bring me to the podcast itself which you are about to listen to (I hope). It’s about how the monkey moves the goal posts, giving any sort of contradictory advice it wants, anything that fits its agenda and derails mine.

I had a nice chat about this topic and many others Ilise Benun. She is the founder of where she dispenses sound, actionable advice for creative professionals. Ilise has been coaching freelancers and creative business owners for thirty years and has written more than a half dozen book essential books on how to build and manage your practice, connect with great clients, and be smarter and happier in what you do. She is intelligent and empathetic, and her counsel is practical and clear.

Here’s the episode:

Or better yet, subscribe to the whole series on iTunes (and leave a nice review).

Or you can visit and listen to the episodes right in your browser.

What’s your experience with your monkey? How has it affected you, and how have you overcome it? Record your Monkey Tale at

3 thoughts on “New podcast: Ilise Benun”

  1. Thanks, Danny and Illise! I appreciate you for making this podcast even on an over-loaded week! My monkey and all his friends and relations have been working overtime in my studio this week….I am cleaning up a mess, completing two projects, getting ready to fly off one two trips…..and oh, they are experts of the holding one side while they switch sides of the argument! LOL! …oh! yes! the monkey yelled at me for taking time to listen to this podcast when I could be “working”. Illise gave me much to think about! Thanks !


  2. […] Podcasts: What Should I read Next? Book Talk/Reading Recommendations by Anne Bogel and she also writes a blog.  I’m constantly getting book recommendations from this show.  Also I recently discovered a new podcast called Shut Your Monkey by Danny Gregory.  Episode 9 with Ilise Benun was challenging as she talked about how as creatives we only want to do the creative part and ignore the harder parts like marketing.  (Raising my hand here). […]


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