Ten ideas for ten ideas

A new routine: I’m gonna start the day by coming up with ten ideas.

Today’s topic: Come up with at least ten topics for coming up with ten ideas. Starting tomorrow, I’ll tackle a topic on the list each day.

  1. Ten ideas for courses I could teach
  2. Ten courses I could take
  3. Ten ways I could help a stranger
  4. Ten ideas for idea lists
  5. Ten books I could write next
  6. Ten things I could do with ten bucks to serve the greater good
  7. Ten people I’d like to meet
  8. Ten New Years resolutions
  9. Ten things I like about me
  10. Ten things I’d change about me
  11. Ten product ideas
  12. Ten ways to make kids more creative

Inspired by James Altucher.

8 thoughts on “Ten ideas for ten ideas”

  1. 1. 10 easy things I could do to ensure I have a good day
    2. 10 things that make me smile
    3. 10 things that would make me punch the air in a Bruce Springstein kind of way
    4. 10 reasons to get a massage (no scratch that, no one needs a reason to get massaged , it’s essential)
    5. 10 film/TV characters I secretly relate to
    6. 10 favourite plants
    7. 10 museums I want to visit
    8. 10 favourite books
    9. 10 more books I want to write
    10. 10 things I could draw in 10 minutes


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