Ten ideas for classes I could teach

I’m starting off each morning by coming up with 10 ideas. Today’s topic: Ten classes I could teach.

  1. Idea machine : how to come up with 10 ideas every single day
  2. Life in pictures. How to write an illustrated memoir
  3. An Illustrated Journey. How to keep a travel journal
  4. Those who can, teach. How to teach an online art class
  5. The creative process: how it works
  6. How to draw without talent
  7. Yum! Eating and drawing. Drawing in restaurants, drawing the steps in a recipe, keeping a food, journal, wishful drawing: draw it it instead of eating it
  8. Drawing the line. Making art to face life’s challenges
  9. Pow! Telling your stories in graphic novel form
  10. Shut Your Monkey: How to control your inner critic and get more done
  11. Count your blessings: using art to appreciate the world around you
  12. The deadly sins. 7 things we do to sabotage our creativity and how to stop doing them
  13. Eating the whale. Techniques to get creative projects done.

Anything you’d add to this list?

10 thoughts on “Ten ideas for classes I could teach”

  1. Danny, my son had this list thing when he was revising for his exams and he showed it to us every day and only years afterwards did he tell me that the list stopped me nagging him and he didn’t do the things like this anyway. Lists always me under pressure but the ideas are always good when one runs dry… like all the time!


  2. Love all your ideas. The one that really speaks to me right now is #4. This is something on my to-do list for the coming year and if you’ll be teaching this please let me know. I’ll be the first to sign up! Love all your ideas and all that you stand for, Danny. In this season of thankfulness I consider your blog and Kourses one of the blessings in my life. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Hi Danny!
    So serendipitous that your list popped up in my emails at the perfect time. My son is putting together a creative writing lesson for inner city children he teaches in Dorchester, MA, so I was thinking about teaching and how important the lesson planning is. I would love to teach, not necessarily on line, but I would be very interested in any form of teaching you have to inform us about.


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