Ten ideas for classes I could teach

I’m starting off each morning by coming up with 10 ideas. Today’s topic: Ten classes I could teach.

  1. Idea machine : how to come up with 10 ideas every single day
  2. Life in pictures. How to write an illustrated memoir
  3. An Illustrated Journey. How to keep a travel journal
  4. Those who can, teach. How to teach an online art class
  5. The creative process: how it works
  6. How to draw without talent
  7. Yum! Eating and drawing. Drawing in restaurants, drawing the steps in a recipe, keeping a food, journal, wishful drawing: draw it it instead of eating it
  8. Drawing the line. Making art to face life’s challenges
  9. Pow! Telling your stories in graphic novel form
  10. Shut Your Monkey: How to control your inner critic and get more done
  11. Count your blessings: using art to appreciate the world around you
  12. The deadly sins. 7 things we do to sabotage our creativity and how to stop doing them
  13. Eating the whale. Techniques to get creative projects done.

Anything you’d add to this list?