Ten courses I’d like to take

I love learning new stuff, but rarely do it in a systematic way. I should try learning from someone who knows what they are doing for a change.

Acting. I loved acting in plays in high school and college. I directed several plays. I even wrote a couple. The thrill, the camaraderie, the chance to inhabit another skill. So cool, but I haven’t done it since.

Coding. Something I did in middle and high school, when computers were made of wood and animal hide β€” but it’s a whole new world since the days we wrote in BASIC and Fortran. Maybe app development or CSS, before they become obsolete. Try Code academy.

After Effects. I have a vague sense of it but would love to be fluent with its animation tools . Maybe I’ll start with an online course on Lynda.com.

Clown school. It rocked my world in LA. I should go back.

Cooking. I’d like to study knife skills and the chemistry of cooking.

Singing. I always assume I have no skill and can’t carry a tune. But Jenny has been taking classes this summer and loves it. We could do duets.

Philosophy. I’ve been dabbling in Plato and Aristotle but it would be great to learn from someone who can explain and make it relevant.

History. I hated it in school. Now I love it. Maybe US and European 1880-1914. But many other periods fascinate me too. 1860s. 1770s. 1500s.

Ceramics. I’d love to throw some pots, study glazing etc.

Magic. I mean what could be cooler? Or dorkier?

Swimming. I never really got the hang of it when I was ten and still can’t mange the crawl. How great it would be to be 100% confident in the water.

Carpentry. This used to be my passion. New York City real estate defeated it. I’d love to study in a well-stocked workshop with a teacher with leathery hands and a missing finger.

What would my life have been like if I had gone to law school? Business school? Medical school? Graduate school? Art school? All were fantasies at some point or another.

What would you like to learn?