Ten ways I could help a stranger

I have so much to be thankful for. Β I should use some of my many blessings to help others more than I do.

  1. Teach illustrated journaling in prison
  2. Volunteer at the senior center in Chelsea
  3. Put the contents of my change jar in the Washington Square fountain
  4. VolunteerΒ help to everyone I see holding a map or a guidebook
  5. Buy all the candy from those kids on the subway pretending to raise money for their basketball team
  6. Habitat for Humanity. I like building stuff. Even if it’s wonky.
  7. Give SBS classes for free to any library that requests it.
  8. Volunteer to speak about creativity at NY public schools.
  9. Start the cross-country Sketchbook Skool bus tour with inspiration films, workshops and free supplies
  10. Draw portraits of shooting victims on spent bullet casing
  11. Give away all but one of my winter coats
  12. Donate to and volunteer forΒ Planned Parenthood, the ADL, theΒ NAACP Legal Defense Fund, The Trevor Project for LGBTQ youth, and the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Who can you help?