Ten classes I wish I had paid more attention to in school

I was a fairly good student in high school but much of it was a blur and very little stuck to my brain.

  1. Calculus and Algebra. I think math is probably very interesting but besides  the calculator app on my phone doesn’t play much of a role in my life. I wish it did. I still can’t quite figure out how to do percentages.
  2. French. I took it for five years. I can barely order a croissant in a Parisian café.
  3. English literature. Hawthorne. Faulkner. McCullers. Joyce. Emerson. They were a drag and a grind when I was a teenager. Now I read them for fun but would love to have Mr. Knies to help parse them.
  4. Sophomore year Shakespeare. My professor at Princeton was D.W. Robertson one of the world’s leading experts on the bard.  Now all I remember is that he made us memorize the beginning of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales and read Boethius’ Consolation of Philosophy. I don’t remember what they were about or why we read them.
  5. 10th grade Latin. I vaguely remember terms like ‘ablative’ and ‘declension’ but, besides memorizing the Lords Prayer in Latin (which I still know by heart), it’s all pretty much a tabula rasa.
  6. 10th grade American History. We had to memorize so many dates. Their significance is long lost on me but I suspect I never knew them. Just the numbers.
  7. Junior year oceanography. I think tides have something to do with the moon but the rest is pretty fuzzy
  8. 10th grade Biology. As my own biology plays more and more of a role in my life it would be great if this science was less of a mystery. What does my pancreas do again?
  9. 11th grade chemistry: a complete blank.
  10. Physics: Did I even take it?
Lesson learned: Education is wasted on the young