On not drawing

It happens. You ought to write something, draw something, not eat something, but ya just aren’t feeling it. Your New Year resolutions have petered out — less than two weeks into January.  Are you a bad person? Worthless? Is the monkey 100% right?

‘Course not. Ronnie Lawlor (who is drawing monster, by the by) and I talk about why not.

(Happy Friday 13th! It’s your luck day.)

3 thoughts on “On not drawing”

  1. If we were as committed to drawing as our monkey is to doing what it does perhaps drawing everyday would not be questioned as much or resisted as much. It would be a given.


  2. In one of these interviews you talked about drawing in supermarkets. First there is an interesting video of James Gurney painting inside a market in Kingston, NY from a year or so ago. Second, there is usually a bench at the front of a market where people wait for rides etc. I did a series of drawings of the checkout lanes. Fast moving people scenes with bags and money or bags of money! I will go back for the people part of Veronica Lawlor’s ADAD klass.


  3. Boy, was THIS ever timely! I used to draw daily and got to a point where I was happy enough with my skills that I never backed away from a subject and mistakes didn’t phase me. Recently, though, after a break I find myself struggling to be anywhere near the level I was before (being quite terrible actually). It’s incredibly frustrating and I often find myself hesitating to attempt any subject matter and feeling utterly talentless. Still, I haven’t given up entirely, and I’m secretly hoping that I’m just going through a sort of reboot that will improve my artistic expression, if not my academic skill. (The art I love the most is generally not so classical anyway.) Time will tell. But it’s really nice to hear others talking about the same issue.


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