Tea: live!

In case you are avoiding Facebook, here’s one of the Facebook Live videos I made recently. It’s terribly exciting: I do a drawing of my favorite teacup. This is something I have been doing for a while, filling an entire sketchbook with drawings of the same cup using the same pen and usually at the same time: about 7 am.

You may be tempted to fast forward to the good bits. Don’t. Savor the moment with me. Spoiler alert: there aren’t any especially good bits anyway.

Well, there is the one —but if you go too fast, you’ll miss it.

And the sketchbook I use in this video is unique. It was made for me by my friend and mentor, Roz Stendahl.   She’s the bomb.  

24 thoughts on “Tea: live!”

  1. This absolutely made my day…marvellous, a meditation in tea, Danny, bless you for making me smile. This is what I love about England and tea!


  2. Hmm I can drink my morning tea faster than this! And draw it too BUT you get an A+++ for perseverance drawing the same cup over and over. Interesting!! Well kinda sorta!!


  3. Danny, you made my day—nothing makes a bookbinder happier than to see a book she bound filling up with wonderful daily sketches! I can’t stop smiling. Thanks for sharing your morning tea with us.

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  4. Hi Danny,
    Thank you for letting us peak over your shoulder. I love your book of a tea cup and drawing it every morning! So simple and uncomplicated and yet that discipline gets you drawing everyday.
    Who is the first song about tea sung by? Someone said George Formby but I couldn’t find the title. You are amazing!


  5. This was so wonderful that I’m having to drag myself out of a very deep politically induced depression and start drawing again! Thanks, Danny


  6. Thanks Danny for happy and relaxing video! I love that you chose Roz’s handmade book to capture your morning tea drawings. I may play this video at night when I get home from work at 10:00pm…it is so meditative. Cheers-


  7. Loved watching this Danny. And Jimmy Durante was one of my dad’s favourites (he called him ‘Snozzle’) – brought back fond memories – thank you.


  8. This has to be one of my most favorite posts of yours. After a tumultuous day, it was soothing and wonderful to have a cuppa tea with you, and Jimmy Durante. Who knew it would ever be possible?


  9. I agree with Kathleen , this is one of my favorite posts of yours, it was very relaxing to just be in the zone – Though the sense of peace felt a little bitter-sweet too, during this politically uncertain time.
    The post also prompted me to revisit one of my original art journals , and dig out one of my half-finished handmade journals. I had nearly forgotten the sense of sheer joy you feel when you just let the pen draw . Hopefully I won’t now.
    Thank you.


  10. Enjoyed my cuppa with you this morning very much! Since I do all my drawings directly in ink too, I enjoyed anticipating and observing the execution of every mark! And the music… Interesting to draw same thing over and over. I draw same things a lot but not in such a concentrated meditation.


  11. Absolutely lovely post and one of my favorite on this blog! Great music. I let it play again and drew my cup along with you. Enchanting!


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