I’m heading to Greenville, South Carolina to give a couple of talks at the UCDA conference on Thursday and Friday.

So far, the only suggestions I’ve received for what else to do in Greenville involves boiled peanuts. The one museum is closed for renovations and the other is all about Andrew Wyeth (I can take or leave him). I may have to settle for the Shoeless Joe Jackson Baseball Library. And some peanuts.

Unless you have any better ideas.

12 thoughts on “Peanuts.”

  1. Greenville has a large contingent of basket weavers. The kind who start by hewing a tree, splitting the rings, shaving them down, and carving their own staves and handles. These people are masters! Perhaps you could connect with a local craftsman.


  2. Hi Danny, I’m having trouble posting a comment on your blog, so I’m sending my comment directly to you:

    Danny, I think you might enjoy Greenville, with or without boiled peanuts. Our downtown rocks!

    Bring your sketchbook—Falls Park (within walking distance of the Westin Poinsett) is lovely (check out the award winning cantilevered bridge over the falls) and there’s lots of public art all around, including a statue of Shoeless Joe Jackson on Main Street. Also you could drop in on this (free) lecture at the nearby Peace Center (6:30 on Thursday).

    The West End, where you’ll be, is teeming with restaurants and cafés along the river.

    Walk the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a Rails-to-Trails meander from Falls Park to Travelers Rest—lots of cyclists everywhere and walkers, too.

    Actually, the Art Museum is worth a visit, a beautiful building with my favorite sculpture out front. The Wyeth exhibit is an exhibition of the Wyeth family and you might enjoy some of Andrew’s working sketches, N. C. Wyeth’s paintings, and Jaimie Wyeth’s lively works. Not the MoMA, I know, but somewhat impressive.

    I hope you’re pleasantly surprised with our town! Have All Fun Possible!



  3. Give the Art Museum a try! On the same block is the Upcountry History Museum, with lots of local history as well as art exhibits (currently: Ansel Adams, and, the Art of Dr. Seuss). Rent a cruiser bike and ride to Travelers Rest on the Swamp Rabbit Trail; stop at the SR Cafe or Tandem Creperie. We retired to Greenville five years ago from upstate NY and love it!


  4. Be sure to see the award winning pedestrian bridge downtown. And there are dozens of art studios in the old west end of Greenville. The downtown area is tree-lined and has many good restaurants. Go for dinner and wander a bit. Guarantee you’ll love it.


  5. Wander along Main Street… we have galleries, shops, and sidewalk cafes, then veer off Main into Falls Park, sketch our suspension bridge or a street musician or our Governor’s School for the Arts, tucked above the river. Rent a bike and ride the Swamp Rabbit Trail up to the town of Travelers Rest and lunch at a cafe or brewery. We also have an awesome theatre community. I would especially recommend All My Sons at the Warehouse Theatre on Thursday or Friday evening… an all star cast… and it is a comfortable walk from the Westin, just off Main Street. Hope you will love Greenville as much as we do!


  6. I live near Greenville and it has a very beautiful downtown area with lots of things to do. I have thoroughly enjoyed your books. And was saddened by the dismissive attitude you had toward Greenville.


  7. Hi Danny,
    Greenville is beautiful, and has a small town feel. There is a lovely waterfall area and a big park with a large lake or pond that is very nice to draw. Also, they have these tiny little brass mice sculptures that line the entire main street. They are hidden on both sides of the block and if you are taking a leisurely walk, you are supposed to try to find them all. They are the size of real mice and some are obvious, others not so easy to spot. I believe there are 9 of them.


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