So far. So good.

I’ve been in Greenville, SC for about 36 hours and it took a bit of doing to get here so far but I like it. I’ve had catfish and grits but no peanuts, boiled, roasted or microwaved.

I gave my first speech yesterday morning and signed a load of Shut Your Monkey books and in half an hour I’ll do another talk and see if I can get these designers drawing.  The weather has taken a turn for the springular and Main Street is full of stuff to draw and benches to sit on to do it.

9 thoughts on “So far. So good.”

  1. Enjoyed seeing and reading your journal. I admire your work ethic and how you share and teach your process by example. Enjoy your trip. Travel does have challenges and I like how you share that part of it.


  2. Danny – don’t forget to ask about the street mice in Greenville! Such a fabulous story…(and be on the lookout!)


  3. Beautiful drawings! Good call on the boiled peanuts. I’m a huge peanut lover so just HAD to try the boiled ones last time I visited the Carolinas. I think you have to be born eating them to like them. UGH!


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