SketchBook Club: My interview with Sara Midda

After I discussed Sara Midda’s classic book “South of France” in an earlier episode, viewers asked if I could get her to join the Club. I could and did — and here’s her first ever video chat interview, in which she discusses her life, her books and her sketchbook habits. Fascinating!

14 thoughts on “SketchBook Club: My interview with Sara Midda”

  1. Dear Danny,

    If I were stranded on an island, Sara Midda’s In and Out of the Garden and A Sketchbook From Southern France would be among the top ten books I would want to have with me. I can’t thank you enough for making it possible to learn more about this artist I have admired for years. I hope there will be more videos of Ms. Midda to come! I didn’t quite catch the name of the Japanese firm that created a set of dishes using her images. The interview was a delight and I will go back to read the books and look for the Japanese influences.


  2. Thank you, Danny and Sara! What pure joy to “meet” one of the artist I have most admired for so many years. This really touched my heart.


  3. Wow what a lovely lady and so generous of her to give us a little peek into her world. Hope she does a class at sketchbookskool Thank you for introducing us to all these artists I’m find it absolutely fascinating.
    Ps really enjoying a drawing a day and urban sketching right now.


  4. Thank you Danny and Sarah for this inspiring interview.
    The story about the process of publishing one of Sarah’s books which took 3 – 4 years, and how it became her life and the dedication and focus Sarah put into the creative process as well as daily research etc was particularly fascinating.


  5. thank you for doing this interview with Sara and thank you for introducing us to her. I love her work and she comes across as sweet as i imagined.


  6. As someone said about Sara Midda’s books being with them on the proverbial desert island, I would just add that if the house caught fire, they would be among the books I would grab on my way out ahead of the flames. I have carried them with me since I purchased them at publication and they continue to inspire, inform, and comfort. What a gift this interview is! Thank you so much Danny, and thank you Sara!


  7. What a treat, thank you, Danny and Sara. I have long been a fan of Sara’s work, so it was very special to actually see and hear her. Absolutely lovely!


  8. Hi Danny, I just discovered your podcast and interview with Sara Midda from 2017. Thank you so much, you did a great job coaxing wonderful insights out of her. I so appreciate that you asked about the tools she uses, which pens, watercolors etc. I have her South of France sketchbook right here and turned the pages as you two were talking. So inspiring!


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