Sketchbook Club: Sara Midda

This week on the Club. we discuss what may be the first illustrated journal I ever owned, Sara Midda’s South of France. It’s delicate, witty, gorgeous and inspiring.

I also talk about other miscellanea including Father’s Day, iPads, squirrels, Tommy Kane, and more. I hope it’s helpful.

This week’s books:
Sara Midda’s South of France: A Sketchbook:
In and Out of the Garden:
A Bowl of Olives: On Food and Memory
Also mentioned:
A Bigger Message: Conversations with David Hockney 
Art Before Breakfast

9 thoughts on “Sketchbook Club: Sara Midda”

  1. I missed the live session (embarrassing to say), but enjoyed seeing the recording. Will look the book up at Amazon. Thank you Danny.


  2. This too was one of my first books of sketches purchased. Oddly, mine is identical, as I watched you scrolling through the pages (oh, and your reference to ‘scallions’ actually reads ‘scabious’ lol) except for the wrap-around cover and bookspine which read “Sketchbook from Southern France”… maybe the British published version by Sidgwick & Jackson had a different cover title for copyright reasons. I also bought myself a new iPad Pro and Pencil for Father’s Day, but the smaller 10.5 inch model… I will, finally, have to take one of your eventual courses on digital sketching… you and Hockney will no doubt squeeze more hidden creativity out of my virtual tube!


  3. Danny, keep us posted on your digital journey. I’ve found myself in a bit of a rut (a big one actually), and I’m thinking about using the ipad and pencil to hopefully draw my way out. I love how much you love books and am enjoying this book club series very much. Take care and stay cool.


  4. Hi Danny: I LOVE Sara Middy’s books — thanks so much for sharing yours. (I always wondered what size her original drawings were. Do you think the pages in her book are copies of her sketchbook pages or do you think the original drawings were larger and then compressed for the making of her book?) It would be great if you could get her to participate somehow in Sketchbook Skool.

    Also, I appreciate your interest in digital work but I hope you don’t abandon drawing by hand.


  5. Thank you for finding her! She’s been such an important influence on me and so many others over the years. Great interview. I was so happy to hear this. Thank you! — Amanda Kavanagh


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