Sketchbook Club: Robert Crumb


Crumb has been an enormous influence on me over the years and today I discuss my huge collection of his amazing sketchbooks.  Including a never-before-seen personal letter from Crumb to me. Prepare to be inspired!


3 thoughts on “Sketchbook Club: Robert Crumb”

  1. Danny this one is worth watching again and I just did it. You did Crumb justice. I have always had an interest in his work and at times shocked by it. His dark side is not really any darker than a lot of people. He has the courage to draw what he lives. A great example. The vulnerability you feel is probably due to the controversial nature of R. Crumb he really is a great one. By the way so are you.


  2. I read Marion Zimmer Bradley – Mists of Avalon – and I loved it. Then I found out that she deeply, terribly abused her children. I threw her books into the garbage. As An Artist, I have a responsibility to promote goodness in this world. If R. Crumb was a nazi, but just a little bit naughty and really talented, would you forgive, emulate. propagate him? Ya lost me here. PS I am a woman.


  3. Wow, there’s a fascinating and complex discussion to be had here, isn’t there Danny, about whether we can admire the art while finding the artist abhorrent. How much our own gender, experiences, religion, upbringing, morals, affect our appreciation (or otherwise) of a piece of art. Perhaps there’s a new kourse there? How Art Can Make You Think. Meanwhile for my six pennorth: I think you did justice to this amazingly skilled artist whose work I am in awe of, even though personally I find him as a man somewhat repellant.

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