5 thoughts on “Sketchbook Club: Greeting Card memories”

  1. This post is very eerie because for the past few weeks I have been going through old papers, specifically old letters from the 50’s and 60’s. These letters have followed me through several moves (and some did not make it, being turfed by me at the time with a “hmph” as no longer being relevant but which I now wish I had kept regardless). For the first time in a long time I have actually taken the time to read them properly and it occurs to me that the many people with whom I corresponded were pretty nifty so I’m hoping, by extension, that I too was pretty nifty and not the self absorbed, silly twit I remember being!. Letters have so much personality and it is so much more meaningful to hold them and re-read them than it is to getting a quick e-mail or text……anyhow I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who has a stash of cards and correspondence…..

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  2. Love this post! I was just thinking about Christmas cards and wondering if I should design a new one or send out “redos” of old ones. You inspired me to get busy on a new one! Thank you!


  3. This is the time of year I wonder if I’m the only person who sends Christmas cards anymore. I used to have a very intricate list of who I sent cards and whose I received. I think my old address book has a little box to check when I receive a card. Of course, I receive fewer and fewer each year as people decide it’s either too expensive or outdated. I don’t particularly like the ones that are family pictures with printed greetings because I feel guilty when I toss them, but beggars can’t be choosers. Most of those come with address labels both to and from. When I think I will join the ranks of those who “don’t do Christmas cards”, I always think of my grandmother sitting at her table writing Merry Christmas in her cursive handwriting, all flourishes and curly Qs. I use the same list I made in 2014 because I decided it doesn’t matter who sends me a card. I send them, and I will send them. Thanks, Danny, for this great video. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Thanks for this very personal post Danny. For the past eight or so years I have sent hand made Christmas cards, originally from sketches of churches and religious subjects I had made in my sketchbooks (from holidays in Europe mainly) and then from drypoint prints and others …last year was cyanotype printing on fabric and sewn onto card, this year it was eco printed paper using gumleaves. It has become a tradition that my family an friends have come to love and expect. At the beginning of this year I upped the ante somewhat and made a pact with myself that all cards I gave through the year were to be hand made… setting something of a precedent that I don’t think I can back out of now!! But the cards were (and still are) made with a lot of thought and love and those to the grandchildren especially (all six of them) are eagerly anticipated and treasured.

    Your post also reminded me of my sixtieth birthday, when I organised a birthday party and in the invitation I included a postcard of watercolour paper and the request for NO gift but for some sort of representation of our relationship/friendship on the postcard. Consequently I have a marvellous cache of memories, some touching, some hilarious, some very polished and artistic, and others naive and makeshift, sketches, paintings, collages, lettering,photos …. but all sincere and loved by me and stored in a special album.

    Thank you again for your inspiring and thought provoking posts Danny.


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