The power of a glass of tea.

This is a photo of a life-changing moment. I took it on November 23, 2013 at 4:23 PM. I had posted on FaceBook that I was going to be speaking at a conference in Amsterdam and Koosje Koene invited me to tea when I was in town. We’d never met in person, only online and we were both a little nervous at meeting a total stranger.

I’m glad we did.  Well, that’s an incredible understatement.  That glass of tea led to lots of emails to a business idea to our first kourse  …. to over five years of SketchBook Skool.

That cup of tea rocked my world.

We drew each other’s glass of tea.

Are you missing an opportunity to connect IRL with an online friend?  Did you read about a meetup in your neck of the woods but it conflicted with your chiropodist appointment, your plans to bingewatch Frasier, your nap schedule?

My advice: think again, get off your duff, and don’t miss the chance that you might just meet a lifelong friend.

And when you do, tell us about it and share the pictures.

12 thoughts on “The power of a glass of tea.”

  1. I and 49000 others are so glad you both followed through on that date for tea!
    Between Friday & Saturday of this week and Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday of next week I will be meeting up with no less than 6 & possibly more SBS klassmates plus one SBS instructor, several multiple times!
    Had it not been for your cup of tea this would not be happening.
    (At one Sketchbook Buddies Meetup, & two workshops with Andrea Joseph from the UK in SF California!!!) will send photos later!

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  2. A seminal moment! Secure in saying that both of you then turned around and rocked a lot of worlds.Amazing, and I thought you might not be posting Danny. Hah!


  3. Yes, exactly what Lynn C. said above!
    In addition, the drawing Klasses I have taken from Sketchbook Skool have improved my daily practice so much that I now show my Sketchbooks at other Events I attend in California and other states! I have been approached by a Chicago area shop to do illustrations for them and had the confidence to take Plein air and urban sketcher conventions/workshops and to share my work on social media.
    Thanks to the power of a cup of tea and you and Koosje!

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  4. Just this morning a picture of an onion I sketched for the very first round of SBS came up… 5 years ago. Best thing I have ever done sketch-wise In My Life, was to sign up. 🙂 I only ever meet one SBS friend IRL but it is a relationship that is pushing us both towards publishing our own books. Pretty good, I would say.

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  5. And thank goodness you did. And continue to do so. I am so glad we met over a cup of English breakfast and I heard your enthusiasm for what you do first hand (even when I was late!) I am forever indebted to you and koosje for what you have done for me (and others). And now tea can help you live longer!

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  6. Timely post Danny. Being over here in the UK, and not one for travelling, I’ve been a little envious of all the US get togethers happening. But next week my fellow Sketchbook Skooler and Michael Nobbs’ Creative Circler Bobbie is headed over from New Hampshire, US to Old Hampshire UK, for our first IRL meet. So excited! We are already firm online pals, and have much sketching and painting planned (and of course art supply chit chat), and have already remarked that this would never have happened had you not had that meeting with Koosje over a glass of tea. We will definitely be raising a cup to you both. Xx


  7. “My advice: think again, get off your duff, and don’t miss the chance that you might just meet a lifelong friend.”

    Oh yes! In 2006 I started emailing somebody I ‘met’ on a wildlife forum. In 2007 I retired and after a few months we met IRL.
    Later this year we will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary!
    And she started me drawing as well!!
    So Danny is correct.- don’t put things off, CARPE DIEM.


  8. Sketchbook Skool got me through some very sad times. I raise a cup of tea to you both – the companionship of the courses plus the shared enthusiasm of art kept me feeling like part of a group and part of a happier world. It then gave me the courage to meet Sketchers in my area. Cheers !


  9. Great advice Danny! So happy to see how successful Sketchbook Skool has become. I’m a huge fan of both you and Koosje and look forward to taking more classes in the future.


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