Live Drawing Parties

Greetings from my bunker to yours! Let’s get together and draw a little. It’ll pass the time, break the isolation and make us feel calm and centered.

Here’s the deal: Every day at noon ET, I will go onto YouTube and Facebook and share a lesson from the vast SketchBook Skool archive of lessons. Then we’ll work on it together.

I did it for the first time today and 350+ people showed up — we had a lovely time. (Recording below)

If you’d like to join me tomorrow or the day after, please do. I would love to see you and hear that you’re doing well.

Join me at one of the following:

PRO TIP: If you like or subscribe to these channels, you will get automatic alerts when the next party is scheduled.


Here’s the recording of today’s session:

8 thoughts on “Live Drawing Parties”

  1. This is an awesome idea! love you for it!!!
    I will do this later in the day – I want time to fritter about in my garden (of weeds!), do the things I must do and of corse, take care of loved ones… But it will be calming for me before I head to bed.

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