Why the World Needs Stretching

Sometimes, I worry that I don’t adequately convey my enthusiasm for the things I truly love. People tell me I am too soft-spoken, too grumpy, too English… Well, I’d like to try to remedy that by telling you about a project I worked hard on and which I think is deserving of your time too.

Field trip: Twingley & Picasso at MOMA

One of the many recent cultural highlights has been the Picasso sculpture retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art. Another was undoubtedly Jonathan Twingley‘s klass, Stretching at Sketchbook Skool.

If you missed either or both, I’m sure you are quite bereft.

Last Friday, Mr. Twingley and I braved the snow to see the Picasso show one last time. I brought along my camera and Jonathan brought his sketchbook — he has visited the show a dozen times and drawn virtually every sculpture in the show.

Unfortunately, the MOMA show ended a few days later. Fortunately, however, and by popular demand, Stretching is set to return for an encore performance at SBS in just a couple of weeks. I hope I’ll see you there. Enroll now before it too is but a memory.