Why the World Needs Stretching

Sometimes, I worry that I don’t adequately convey my enthusiasm for the things I truly love. People tell me I am too soft-spoken, too grumpy, too English… Well, I’d like to try to remedy that by telling you about a project I worked hard on and which I think is deserving of your time too.

5 thoughts on “Why the World Needs Stretching”

  1. Well, now I’m even more excited to take this class! Thanks, Danny– I love your videos here and the work you do. Sketchbook Skool is a real gift to those of us who are newly fumbling our way into our art adventure.


  2. And especially because you are so soft-spoken it is always so interesting to listen to you. It is just you on the screen and I can listen for hours, it actually calms me down after a stressful day and you don´t need fancy backgrounds (bookshelf is enough) or crazy music (NY traffic can be so interesting)! I am so looking forward to starting my first klass with sketchbook skool and it´s great that it will be such a precious one. Thanks Danny!


  3. “Stretching” is worth every second. I only hope that Sketchbook Skool follows “Illustrated Journey and Illustrated Life” and gives all the people in those wonderful books a chance at joining SBS fakulty.


  4. Stretching was my favourite Sketchbook Skool kourse (so far!). I’ve Loved all the kourses, but I LOVED Stretching! It did exactly what it promised and stretched my newly discovered abilities, but it was also fascinating, intriguing – a joy – to watch the videos and hang out with such awesome and delightful teachers. For me Expressing was the cosiness of a winter’s day, crafting and trying out new materials in the warmth of home with a pot of tea beside me. Stretching is the arrival of Spring with all its promise and new growth appearing!


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