19 thoughts on “Packing.”

  1. Lol! You certainly don’t believe in packing light Danny – I laughed so much as I saw your packing list grow… and grow. Have a wonderful time!


  2. So glad to hear you’re bringing the pencil sharpener in case things get dull.
    Best wishes for a great trip, am just hoping you don’t get phlegmish and end up in Belgium by mistake


  3. Wish a successful trip for you. Fun and instructive to see what you are packing. Amazed that you can use all of the technology stuff. Can you really take all of that stuff? Looking forward to all the adventures you hopefully will share with us. The little I know about the food is that it is one of the most wonderful foods in the world. Enjoy.


  4. Wow, an exciting time on its way for you and your audience. Found myself scribbling down names of art supplies. Would like to know more about the teeny ink wells, with the wood base, when you return. I look forward to some funny films about you adapting to that very serious time change. Have a safe, joyful & creative trip. Cheers-Darlene


  5. Exciting! Have a great time! I hate packing. And always have to have way too many art supplies. I love your paint tin in a business card case (it looks just like the one I got from Vistaprint) – where did you get the pans that fit in it? I’m surprised you have only one teeny sketchbook? But you might want to buy one while you are there – a good souvenir!


    Hanoi is filled with interesting people, culture, sights, smells, markets, history and well just everything was overwhelmingly wonderful. I spent 4 weeks in Vietnam with my MY SKETCHBOOK IN HAND EVERYDAY. .. for a total of 50+ pages filled with memories. The friendly people and children loved being included in sketches… not to mention the Women’s Museum, the Hanoi Hilton, memorials, temples, lakes, old town, motorcycles (everywhere), and interesting alleyways and architecture. Enjoy!


  7. I now officially stop concerning myself with taking too many art supplies when I go away—even if I don’t use them. Thanks for the inventory.


  8. Danny – your little “slice-of-life” videos are quite enjoyable to watch and very smartly done. An idea for an upcoming Kourse would be to show us how you do these little films – shooting, editing, putting them together. They’re especially attractive as an idea because it appears you’re making them all by yourself. Most of us with today’s simple but sophisticated equipment could make little films for ourselves but don’t have the know-how. A whole Kourse on “digital” would be very welcome. Several of the artists to date have made reference to doing digital work in various forms but they were brief and didn’t delve into the specifics of HOW-TO. I think a lot of us would be terribly excited to have a solid exploration into these areas.

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  9. As ever I LOL’d a lot watching this Danny! It was fascinating to see your gear too. I’d like to echo Linda’s comment above about the possibility of a how-the-videos-are-made lesson or two. Your Study Hall homework videos were great – entertaining as always, but also really helpful and a great addition to the feeling of community and not studying alone in skool. They made me think how good it would be to share in other klassmates’ processes when they’re working on something. But we’d all need to know how to go about it. Meanwhile I hope you’re catching up with time and enjoying every moment of your trip. x


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