In production.

FIlming an action sequence on ink spatter.

Teaching used to be a fairly simple business. You get some chalk, a dunce cap, a book with all the answers at the back and you’re in business. In 2014, it seems to be a little more complex.

Tommy Kane and special guests on the set.
In production with “Lord of the Pens”

When I first started thinking about doing online classes, I wanted to make sure they were as exciting and interesting as possible. So, being me and living a couple of miles from Hollywood, I immediately started to go overboard. I started to talk to my friends, many of whom you know and who are among the best sketchbook artists in the world. We decided that it wasn’t enough to just slap together some recycled lessons, a couple of PDFs and some poorly lit snapshots. We wanted to make sumptuous, hilarious, inspirational, instructional films that would get you so fired up you’d have to start drawing night and day. Our inspiration was first of all, Bob Ross, then the Cooking Channel, then National Geographic, and now we’re thinking Spielberg and Peter Jackson.

Our mission: To boldly go where no man has drawn before.

So while everyone else was drinking eggnog, we have been deep into production.

DOG demo 2
Warming up some ink.

Tommy and I spent several days in the depths of Brooklyn in production on his klass. Then we turned around and finished up filming my workshop. Meanwhile, Prashant is heading to India to rendezvous with a production team that will capture his insights about watercolors. Koosje is setting up lights and camera in Amsterdam.

In the kitchen set, Tom gets his head into a drawing

Deep in a Minnesota snow bank, Roz is furiously pecking out epic scripts about paper and pens. And next week, I’ll be heading to San Diego to collaborate with Jane on her films.

Meanwhile, an elite team of even more amazing teachers are arrayed around the world, beavering away on the next wave of klasses. More on them soon.

If you want to know more about all of this flurry of activity when it is ready to launch, do sign up for our mailing list. Meanwhile, scrape together your pennies and polish your 3D glasses.

Happy New Year!


13 thoughts on “In production.”

  1. This looks like a fabulous mix of film, pen, ink and intriguing artists…was hoping Tommy Kane was involved…..and I’m saving quarters instead of pennies. Next week I’m starting to save dollars because I want to make sure I get a spot!


  2. Wow, Danny, I’m drooling. What kind of pennies are we talking about here…the buckets-full-o’ pennies or hands-full? Will this require production on our part of drawings? Can’t wait to see what this is all about! I love this posting, you are so creative!


  3. Jeez, are you like hoping for something pretty spectacular from us lot too??? I feel a bit like Simon Pegg on the set of Star Trek…but I’ll give it a try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Gulp!


  4. […] old pal, Tommy Kane. The week before, I’d slogged over to Tommy’s house in Brooklyn to shoot his klass videos for Sketchbook Skool.  It was a long and wonderful day, marred only by the rain hammering on the windows.  Filming […]


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