My ever changing moods

How do I explain who I am and what I do? Some people know me as a blogger, some as an author, others as an Olympic gold-medalling shot putter. To bring all my myriad facets into one place, I have just created a bulging new website, located appropriately enough at

If you are curious, satiate yourself here.

If you share my passion for Paul Weller, then your time will be better spent here instead.

10 thoughts on “My ever changing moods”

  1. So, Danny, What do you do? Love it! Wow! What a web site…and it is so YOU! It very simply introduces the world to the complex fellow who daily inspires so many of us to be, to do, to draw, to paint, …even before breakfast! Thanks for sharing this with us! Hugs!


  2. HA, as soon as I saw the color in your header I wasn’t surprised. I was delighted as I think this is your signature color. Your web is inspiring, fun and professional. Easy to navigate and I appreciated having the titles of all of your books listed…easy access to order from. Thanks for all of the creative energy you send out to us. You’re at the top of my list for “favorite artist.” Cheers-Darlene


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