Hungry Tim and other news

I know I promised to eschew advertising on my blog but, come on, people, it’s in my blood! I can’t help it. So here’re a few announcements, updates and, yes, ads about things I’m doing that you might like. to know about.

• First, a mini film about an innovation at Sketchbook Skool.

The gist: Sketchbook Skool kourses are now available on-demand rather than by semester. Sign up and plunge in any day of the year. We’re like Orange is the New Black — but with a full palette of colors.

Coming in late fall.

• Next, an exciting announcement: we have just completed the final nips and tucks to the design of Shut Your Monkey: How to control your inner critic and get more done and it heads to the printer next Tuesday! You can preorder your copy today, however.


Coming next year!

My other new book, the Art Before Breakfast Workbook has just come back from my editor and I am ready to continue work on the design phase of the book. It looks quite gorgeous already, I must say.

• On Saturday night, I will strap myself into a Lufthansa flight to Switzerland to  work with the students, teachers and parents of the International School of Basel. I have been working on lots of little films and projects to inspire them and can’t wait to see the art we make together during my artist-in-residency.

TobleroneI am also excited to see Basel which I hear is brimming with dozens of amazing museums. I also plan to eat chocolate. I’ll post news of my trip here, maybe even before I get back.

Jack draws in rome
A younger, beardless Jack Tea draws the Colliseum.

• Next, I will RyanAir to Rome to spend a few days with Jack who has just begun his semester abroad (he’s in Abruzzo today). He has promised he will take me to his favorite places to draw. We also plan to eat pasta.



9 thoughts on “Hungry Tim and other news”

  1. Advertise away–it’s fun to see what you are doing! Also, I just returned from DC and was excited to see your books in the museum shops. “Art before Breakfast” was even on the counter next to the cash register at The Phillips Collection!


  2. Thanks for letting us know about what you are doing. Let me know about the chocolate. Enjoy your time with your son and the new friends you will make on your trip.


  3. Mmmmm. ENJOY the chocolate, visiting with your son, teaching the way you do, eating pasta, seeing the sights, creating art. Have fun!


  4. Really like the idea that the classes can be taken on a more flexible schedule – I’ve wanted to do another one, but the timing wasn’t right for me – still not quite, but one of these days; and I don’t mean one of these days as in never.

    Have a great trip!


  5. Go to the restaurant Roma ‘Sparita. It’s in the Trastevere near a lovely church. Have caccio e Pepe. It will be the best meal you’ve EVER eaten. Cheap, too. Read The Lost Painting by Jonathan Harr – true story of finding a Caravaggio


  6. I am soooo looking forward to finally meeting you!!! You have sparked the whole drawing/ journaling mania in me and have been my inspiration for years! See you soon in Basel!!! 😊


  7. Indeed, Basel does have some lovely Museums. Don’t miss the Beyeler and the Tinguely museums!!! If you come down Geneva way let me know!!! I’d love to meet you! ;0)


  8. Danny your energy shines through this blog entry and makes me tear up a little with envy and an excited shout in my head of, “I wanna try to be as creative and enthusiastic as that too!”. Always you inspire and teach, even when you think you’re just shamelessly advertising. 😀 Have a GREAT time.


  9. If I had a dog as cute as Tim, I’d have notebooks full of sketches of him!
    Great idea to do Skool any time rather than as a defined start/finish. With my schedule it would probably take me six months to get through a course.


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