Art Before Breakfast: Negative Space.

Here’s the second of a series of simple videos I’ve made to walk you through the steps of seeing and drawing as I outline them in the first section of my book, Art Before Breakfast. This one describes an initially tricky concept  — drawing what isn’t there so you can do a better job of drawing what is. If you’re new to drawing or are struggling with the basics, I hope this series will be helpful. (Here’s the first one, in case you missed it.)

Every Friday I work through an idea from Art Before Breakfast. It would be lovely if I could imagine you out there drawing along with me. This particular exercise comes from pages 26-27. If you decide to do it too, please share with me how it turned out! (Share the results on your own blog or on Facebook and post a link in my comments section. Use #artb4bkfst on Twitter or FB).

13 thoughts on “Art Before Breakfast: Negative Space.”

  1. Hello Danny,
    Great concentration from your part ! You do not seem to much disturbed by the background noise. This must come from all the concentration skills developed with your drawing. 🙂


  2. Such a novel and good approach to drawing. I am drawing with you each time and started a new sketch book and see it is important to get your book. This is really eye opening. Thanks!


  3. Danny, I really enjoy your videos, but have one small request. Can you speak a little louder or closer to the mike? You have a pleasantly soft voice, but since my lip-reading skills are lacking, I have to get inches from the monitor to pick up some of your words. I keep expecting you to tell me to back off since I’m invading your personal space! Keep them coming…if necessary, I can work on the lip-reading. Karen

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  4. thanks heaps for the video, I found it a really interesting approach as I am keen to learn drawing and do find it very hard. I am planning to do the exercises in my next days off. I have your book art before breakfast but do really love the videos as they add a new depth. For your information- the audio was quite low, there is a lot of noise in the background but i can still hear you although your voice is quite quiet. thanks Rachel


  5. Danny,

    Its not just Karen, John, & joolzbenner. I had to use the external speakers for my laptop in order to adequately hear the audio (and my hearing’s very good). Now that I can hear them, I’m enjoying this series of videos. Thanks !


  6. Enjoying these little videos very much Danny. Even though I have the book beside me, and of course have watched (more than once) all the SBS lessons, it’s extra helpful to again have you explain ‘in person’ too. You’re very generous with your time, thank you. I hate to add a “but”, um, but I too had difficulty hearing you. Watching this while eating breakfast at home in an otherwise silent room, I had to turn my iPad volume to max and still had to replay a few bits that were lost to the sound of teeth crunching toast. I thought maybe you’d recorded it intentionally at a low volume to minimise the background noise. Just meant as a ‘heads up’, no big deal, although I do have to remind myself to turn the volume down again before I play my music! Btw, this also reminds me, as if I need reminding, that I can’t wait for the next Sketchbook Skool klass! x


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