Art Before Breakfast: How to see.

I’ve made some simple videos to walk you through the steps of seeing and drawing as I outline them in the first section of my book, Art Before Breakfast. This first one is about why you don’t need talent to get started, just a couple of simple ideas that might jog your brain, including a demonstration of contour drawing. If you’re new to drawing or are struggling with the basics, I hope this series will be helpful.

Every Friday I work through an idea from Art Before Breakfast. It would be lovely if I could imagine you out there drawing along with me. This particular exercise comes from page 25. If you decide to do it too, please share with me how it turned out! (Share the results on your own blog or on Facebook and post a link in my comments section. Use #artb4bkfst on Twitter or FB).

15 thoughts on “Art Before Breakfast: How to see.”

  1. Did the exercise straightaway, because I had some time and I knew it wouldn’t get done otherwise. Interesting to do – got it wrong first off, lol, as so used to not seeing in this way. Have been reading your blog for a year now – thank you for your great words and lovely voice. I am a 46 year old trying to get back to my younger, drawing self after more or less 30 years of no drawing (apart from a few aborted attempts). Your thoughts resonant very much with me and are so wonderfully encouraging – if it’s ok to suck and not be brilliant right away then I will keep going and can enjoy the doing and not mind the less than brilliant work I produce.


  2. Reblogged this on Anne Lawson and commented:
    I often have people admire my work (which is always a buzz!), who then go one to say that they couldn’t do it. For some I can hear the longing in their voice, that they would love to be doing it but lack the confidence to start. Danny Gregory, who wrote the blog I am reposting is a master at making people understand that they can draw. He began Sketchbook Skool, an online series of drawing classes which are fantastic. On this post, which is the beginning of a series, he chats about why developing simple skills of seeing are important in the first steps of drawing. If you are one of those people who long to pick up a pencil and draw, Danny Gregory may give you the inspiration to begin.


  3. Yes, it was you and instructors at SBS in “Seeing” that really helped me get it…the slowing down and seeing shapes and drawing what I saw instead of what my past experiences and brain told me what I saw. (If that makes any sense) Always grateful for your encouragement and valid contributions to us for making meaningful & purposeful art. I will be drawing with you on Fridays but at the time I am unable to upload photos of my art. Cheers-Darlene


  4. Dear Danny, what a lovely video. I just found the tone soo friendly and helpful. It was as if we actually new each other, and I had asked you, “so what about this drawing stuff anyway?” And you filled me in, friend to friend. So it was odd, partway through the video, that I realized that you were looking down towards the camera, rather than out towards it, as friends would see each other, eye to eye. Then some silly creature deep inside of me got offended that you were “looking down” to me. The inside me wanted us to be friends, equals, pals. And I found your eyeline discouraged that. Ok, so write me off as a goof-ball with zero self-esteem, that can’t even watch a video without feeling offended…or maybe there is a kernel of truth in what the inside me felt. Would it be possible, in a future video, to change the angle of the camera, So that it is more friend to friend?
    Thanks Danny. You’re the best. And you, your books and your school have changed my life around completely. You have given me a reason to live, and joy to live it with. I can never thank you enough.


  5. Dear Denny, oops, don’t you just hate it when you see an error you made in a comment, After the comment is posted! Or maybe that doesn’t happen to you. Anyway, Of course, I know that we are not new to each other, but that I knew you!


  6. I’ve missed a few blog posts because I’ve been busy creating! Thanks to YOU Danny, and Brene Brown’s talk on Vulnerability… I have designed and executed my first line of ADVENT CALENDARS!!! Last year I made one for friends and family… this year I’m actually selling them! EEEEKKK!!!! They debut this Friday evening at an art gallery in Belmar, NJ. I’m pretty nervous. On Saturday I am posting them on my website… along with a public THANK YOU to Danny and Koosje for their constant inspiration. Phew!!!


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