Art Before Breakfast: My Cabinet pts.1 & 2

Before the holiday season began, I started sharing some videos of drawing exercises, drawn (as it were) from my book, Art Before Breakfast. What with drinking too much holiday punch, trying on too many new socks and sweaters, and launching the new term at Sketchbook Skool, I abandoned the series — but only temporarily. Let’s keep going, shall we?

Today, let’s return to my bathroom. Last time, I started a contour drawing of the contents of my bathroom cabinet, all those unguents, potions and salves that keep me looking so boyish and fresh. If you’ve forgotten, here it is again:

Now, let’s fill in all the information that sits within those contours. This is made a lot easier by the shapes we already drew. I’ll show you how to use them as guides to add detail. Open your eyes and uncap your pens!

If you’re new to drawing or are struggling with the basics, I hope this series will be helpful. (Here’re the past episodes, in case you missed any.)

On Fridays, I work through an idea from Art Before Breakfast. It would be lovely if I could imagine you out there drawing along with me. This particular exercise comes from page 31. If you decide to do it too, please share with me how it turned out! (Share the results on your own blog or on Facebook and post a link in my comments section. Use #artb4bkfst on Twitter or FB).

10 thoughts on “Art Before Breakfast: My Cabinet pts.1 & 2”

  1. One of my habits is to look at every post I get from you. The value of seeing, remembering the basics and then applying them continues to amaze me. Thank you Danny.


  2. Hi Danny

    Love the videos.
    This is the medicine / linen open shelf area. …..weird perspective .
    Will try again after breakfast.

    Rats !!! I think I sent my sketch to your order desk at sketchbook skool……argh !

    Maybe they’ll forward it to you.

    I’ll work on my non-existent tech.skills.


  3. Forgot to mention how I your inspiration to draw before breakfast has impacted me. Drawing something simple every day first thing in the morning is a wonderful way to help start a masterful day. Thanks.


  4. Great videos. Love the white lines moving to show you how to tackle the shelves. Enjoyed your book and the new expressing class!


  5. Hi Danny,
    You have became a great inspiration and motived me to continue college following my creative side which I enjoy so much! I weird taking a structure art class and yet I use your book “The Art Before Breakfast” as a reference book when I get lost or just need a idea of creative! Your awesome!


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