8 thoughts on “Nagging.”

  1. Yes, that poor freaked out monkey can really scream in my ear sometimes. I give her a new job whenever she does. “Hey silly monkey – we’re not going to get in trouble by stepping out with our writing or our art – but I’m really afraid of not paying attention when I’m driving. Would you take on the job of reminding me nicely when I drive too fast? Thanks – you are so good at that.” She gets all proud at being good at something and leaves me and my artistic endeavors alone. yay!

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  2. Rejection…each rejection hurts, and I’ve had more rejection (to plein air juried events, juried shows, and so on). I yearn for that external validation, that sign I am making progress. Is this my monkey telling me I am no good if I don’t get that acceptance. I keep knocking on the door and it shuts in my face.

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  3. Reading only few pages a day, I’m now just a little more than half way through Shut Your Monkey. I contemplate the segment topic throughout the day, reflecting on if I have that monkey and if so, how big and determined is it. Thankfully not every monkey description applies to me.

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  4. This process which you have unleashed with “Shut Your Monkey” has powerful potential for all who engage in it. A question, Does enlightenment create change or does change create enlightenment? Either way I think your book really gets this show under way. Befitting Art for All.

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  5. I am at an age where I no longer care. I am newly retired and am doing art for me! Just like I did when I was a teenager and spent long hours painting on summer afternoons. Haven’t drawn much in the intervening years and am all too familiar with the monkey! But it is so freeing to just draw and sometimes the drawings are bad but sometimes they are NOT bad! Danny, Koesje and SBS have been an inspiration. A word of advice…don’t wait til you’re in your sixties to stop caring. Although, it’s better late than never!


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