Hi ho, it’s off to the Workbook we go!

My new book is out! It’s succinctly titled: Art Before Breakfast – the workbook: How (and why) to develop a creative habit, no matter how busy you are.

It’s all about how to get a creative habit, so you will make art every day. It’ll teach you to draw, to create, to stay committed, no matter what your level.
It’s printed on lovely chunky paper. It’s a big but not too big. It’s full of ideas. And some jokes. It’s my new BFF and will go with me most everywhere.

Based upon my bestselling book (six foreign-language editions and counting!), this encouraging, guided journal is packed with short exercises designed to help shape a life-enriching artistic habit. Open-ended prompts, visual examples, and lots of blank space for drawing make this workbook a fun, accessible entry to artmaking for anyone looking to carve out time for creativity.

No matter your age or drawing ability, this workbook will become your constant, creative companion.

Click to get yours now!

3 thoughts on “Hi ho, it’s off to the Workbook we go!”

  1. That was fast Danny! I certainly look forward to it. Art Before Breakfast is one of my favorite creative books so I must have the workbook. Congrats and cheers-


  2. I fully blame you for my sketchbook habit, started several years ago, after reading “Everdy Matters!” My DH has fixed breakfast for us for years….I would get the kids up, pack lunches, he would do the food cooking….now we are both retired, kids are grown and out of the nest….but lovely old habits go on. My little sketchbook and pen are by my breakfast place and I draw! Now I will give the little sketchbook a rest and work my way through the workbook! Just because I love it and you! Yes, you have helped me grow the lovely sketch before breakfast habit! Thanks for the workbook now to add to the joy! BTW, I also blame you for my growing pile of filled in sketchbooks! A healthy habit!


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