Workbooking – make some money

I love making money. And it’s easier than it seems. Just crumple up a bill or spread it out — and then open your workbook and dive deep into the details with your pen.

The art of change

The way I approach this little bit of counterfeiting is the same way I draw anything complex.  I’ll take you through the steps in this video.

It’s a lovely subject for meditation. Spend a half hour doing this and you’ll emerge much richer. And so will your workbook.


4 thoughts on “Workbooking – make some money”

  1. I love these snippets of wisdom and look forward to seeing them in my email. I’ve taken three Sketchbook Skool klasses but have to wait a bit before I take another. In the meantime, these mini-classes keep me inspired and motivated. Thanks Danny!


  2. “Don’t be afraid of anything.” Thank you for that advice. And your crumpled dollar bill gave me ideas for the Monarch butterfly nose masks we;ll be making at Monarch Mania next weekend…


  3. My “Art before Breakfast workbook” finally arrived ! I am really impressed with the quality of the content, paper & print in general since the book wasn’t pricey. It is great to be reminded to bring back the creativity and fun in my Art . Thank you !


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