A Blunder a Day

Last week, I really wanted to tell you about how cool our new project with Veronica Lawlor is — but I made a mistake in my post. I inadvertently shared a (nice) interview with Ronnie rather than the (super-cool) trailer that gives you a vivid, compelling, intoxicating peek at what the kourse will be like.

So accept my apologies and watch this super-awesome video now instead:


7 thoughts on “A Blunder a Day”

    1. A Drawing a Day does not require field trips. You can interpret the assignments lots of ways. ADA will be available as an on-demand kourse starting in February so you can take it at your own pace. Regardless of the temperature!


  1. Hello, Danny! I came across your blog and I like it very much. I am a new blogger, just 14 days into the blogger world. I am teaching myself to draw, of course, I would like to draw everything I see. For now, i am drawing portraits, lifelike portraits from photographs. I know that you are so busy considering everything you do. But in case you find yourself with a minute to spare, stop by my blog, see my drawings and drop a word of wisdom. I will be following your bloghttp://www.becauseidream.com/

    Happy New Year!


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