My bastard blog

I am restoking my commonplace book, dogfood. It’s a tumblr blog I started ages ago so I’d have a place to just dump stuff I liked so I could come back and find inspiration when I need it.

Much of it consists of photos I take of cool stuff, but I think I’m going to start using it for writing stuff too, to collect all the ideas and quotes and factoids I glean here and there and have just been storing in my private Evernote notebooks. Most of it will appeal mainly to me but who knows, some of it might spark you too.

I’m adding the feed to the right hand column of this blog too, so you can see the latest when you come here.

The URL is  Danny baba is what our servants called me when I was a kid and lived with my grandparents in Pakistan. My grandmother used to sing me a lullaby in Urdu that went:

Ninny, baba, ninny.

Makan roti chini

Makan roti hogyah

Danny baba sogyah.

As a result, I called my grandmother “Ninny.”

Anyway, this may reinvigorate my desire to write and share stuff on the Internet again. I have entered this phase of late where I am doing stuff but am not sure what to share of it. As result, whenever I think of posting, I’m not sure if I can manage to craft it into something worth your while.

I also keep hearing about the death of the blog, which I actually find rather exciting. I started this blog 13 years ago, essentially to share jokes with my old pal Richard Bell, and never imagined it would become what it had over the decades. Maybe if I scale it back to just a bunch of jokes and discoveries rather than portentous, ponderous polemics designed to change the world, I and the world will be better off. Maybe that will be my resolution for 2017.