Diving for news.

I live with a person (who shall remain nameless) who doesn’t want to hear it. Doesn’t want to discuss politics, to fulminate over the latest outrage, to join in prognostications or stew in venom. So, each morning, when I read the paper, I have to find other things to tell her about. I read the headlines in silence, then turn to back pages and read aloud from the book review or the food section.

Today, I plumbed the depths.

I told her about the new Damien Hirst show, his first in quite a while, which is all quite mysterious, apparently containing “jeweled buried treasure covered with coral as if just pulled out of the ocean.” I do love his twisted mind.

And then, huge news! Scientists have identified a new continent. Whaa? Yes! “an underwater continent two-thirds the size of Australia — and they are calling it Zealandia.” New Zealand is the bit that protrudes above the water but the rest fit the definition of a continent. So cool!

And I shared an article detailing all of the unusual animals that have escaped into the  streets of my city in recent years: a goat, a zebra, a kangaroo, several cows, and, gulp, a cobra.  Most were sent to animal refuge centers, thank God. They omitted mention of any deep sea creatures, but we have been following one with interest since last summer: several whales that have been seen breaching in the East and Hudson Rivers, right off the shore of our island.

Each of these stories seem more directly relevant to our lives than a lot of the stuff I skim over. And they keep our mornings calm and sunny. Try it.

12 thoughts on “Diving for news.”

  1. I have refused to read the news for more years than I care to admit. Each morning I ask my husband, “Is there anything I need to know today?” Sometimes there is a smudge of news that is important and I pray for the lives of those involved. Otherwise I content myself with the comics page and go off whistling to work. Most think I am an odd bird so I am glad to know that there is another one of my species out there.

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  2. If you are discouraged by the current state of affairs, read some political history and take heart. We have had leaders who were far more incompetent, down-right ignorant and more belligerent–and the country survived. The silver lining is that after a period of political incompetence, stagnation or out-right corruption, public opinion swings towards the progressive. Remember: “the arc of history is long and bends towards justice.” (And when the headlines weigh you down, Smithsonian magazine usually has something really cool and uplifting.)

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  3. So much of the news is just hype. Check the word “may” or “may be” in news reports. Then cross those off your listening and you don’t end up with much news that’s actually happening now. I end up yelling at the TV when they give the warning “these images may be disturbing” or “graphic”. THEN DON’T SHOW THEM! The lengths the news will go to to get readership or viewers really disturbs me. Kudos to you for a wonderful way to start the day in a better frame of mine.


  4. I read a thing that said only people who enjoy privilege can afford to ignore the state of affairs, those affected by it don’t have a choice. I’m hanging with them… and that doesn’t mean I am depressed, far from it. I’m excited that we get to change things. But we have to know what to change….

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  5. Sounds like a good recipe for domestic bliss to me. The people around me get frustrated by my determination to read all the news but find every silver linings in amongst the mass of horror news stories. Try living with that – I’m told it’s very difficult 😄


  6. Selective news reading sounds like the way to go.
    Today I started a daily art journal on clouds that can be seen from my kitchen window , and this will replace my news reading time. Painting the beautiful sky early in the morning seemed like a better way to use my quiet time.

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  7. I have had some major health issues recently and have reassessed life in general ….. I don’t read newspapers, watch the news, watch TV shows about nothing …. my days are now filled with growing plants, nurturing chooks, I recently formed a community art group, I spend lots of time talking to family and friends and of course sketching and putting paint on paper, I have gone back over all the SBS klasses many times ….. life is so much better now ….. and best of all my husband is worrying less about me and laughing a lot more these days ….. Donald who?

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  8. I tried to stay away from the negative news…to keep silent…I found it impossible so I read, do not discuss. It makes life easier that way. 🙂


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