Supply List: Live!

Folks have asked me what I use to make these videos so I put together a supply list.

Originally this was a Facebook Live thingamabob but you may not have the time or inclination to watch it there. Maybe this pristine non-commercial stage will change your mind. Or not.

Oh, and if you have a problem reading my handwriting, a) join the crowd and b) look at this then.


15 thoughts on “Supply List: Live!”

  1. Thank you, Danny, for posting your Facebook Live clips for those of us who choose not to do FB. I love watching the process of you writing with your dip-pen and it has inspired me to get one.

    I’m seeing the end of some extra demands on the horizon and I look forward to taking my first SBS course in ’17. So grateful for all your on-line resources.


  2. There is something very delightful about writing with a dip pen. I am now adding text to my art journal, thanks for the inspiration. I like the idea of us becoming artists without borders, especially now. p.s. I am guessing the last song sounded Pakistani , It was quite soothing. Art and music togeter can set the tone of the day. Another benefit we derive from diversity and sharing .


  3. I also thank you for making videos available somewhere other than FB. My life is so much happier without it, but also much happier with access to your videos. A conundrum.


  4. That is really cool ! I honestly envy you.

    Having that kind of patience should count as a talent for starters.. ^^

    I really wish I could draw the same way you do!

    Would love to have a t- shirt with a similar stile calligraphy on it.

    I will try somethin similar on my channel! Feel free to browse if you’d be interested.


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