7 thoughts on “I’d rather draw you than shoot you.”

  1. Hi Danny – there are two different points being merged in your essay. One is that drawing from life has advantages to drawing from photographs. I believe that to be true – although it is not always possible – the Queen will not sit still for me to draw her but I did get to take several very close-up photos of her. So there’s that. The other point is that a camera is not as generous a tool as the eye. True. But a camera doesn’t take photos by itself (for the most part). It has an eye behind it. Two usually. I see something and when I do I bring all my emotions and thinkings to that thing that I perceive. Just like an artist chooses the point of view in which to draw an apple depending on his or her aesthetic peculiarities, mood, hunger, etc… – so does a photographer. They use their two eyes, their mind, their hearts and their good hands when making an image. When you are a photographer and a writer and an artist – you simply have more tools at your disposal to say what you want to say, to express what you want to express. Some perceptions need words, some need colours not available in nature, or forms only seen in the imagination – some are poignant journals of a moment.
    Thanks for continuing to explore all that being an artist means.

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  2. Great meditation on seeing/viewing. There is a value to the limited POV, as in literature, there is a place for first person point of view, the strict camera on the forehead of a main character, I think the downside of the Human eye and its incredible sift-and-sort synthesis of detail is that the brain makes all these connections to what we know and so we draw not what we see but what we think we see (or what we know). That remains a challenge for me, pure seeing. It’s all good. Love your videos.


  3. Once again, I LOVE your thinking! Always more thoughtful than I believe I do! Why? I don’t take that time…I don’t allow myself to really think about why, who, what I think…I don’t believe my deeper thoughts are always important and perhaps don’t truly believe what I’m thinking is of worth! When I read your blog items, many times your thoughts remind me of my disregarded thoughts and make them OK! Thank you.


  4. So true! I once left the camera behind deliberately during a vacation in Mexico. Today when I look at the few pictures I drew, I can experience those places very clearly. An added bonus was that when drawing a particular scene I was joined by a group of curious children, so I had them participate in the drawing, helping me select the colours, etc. Then I had them all sign the sketch. You can imagine how I feel when I look at it now.


  5. So true. While drawing st the zoo, the people passing by commented to me and fed my energy. Drawing from life somehow is a more personal experience than drawing from a photo. Sounds of children squealing with excitement where I was working and the squawking of the toucans posing on branches in front of me enhanced the experience.


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