Podcast 10: Long live paper!

I love paper. Thick, thin, smooth, chunky, and in this episode I share my passion for all its many wondrous forms.

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Podcast 09: Let’s Get Rid of Art Education – a modest proposal

I wrote this essay two years ago and lots of people hated it, so like a mangy dog licking a suppurating wound, I have returned to gnaw on it further in this week’s podcast.

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Podcast 8: Water Color Road Trip

I love keeping an illustrated journal on a trip. And I’m on a big one right now, a three-week road trip down the west coast. I recorded this week’s episode while we’re on the road and I explain my process in detail, go into all the supercool new watercolor gizmos I bought to pack along, and describe what I’m seeing and how I’m turning it into pages on my journal.

Then I call Koosje to get her advice on travel journaling and a whole bunch more.  And I tell you how to get our new and totally free book, Jump Into Watercolor.  And I go into detail on our newest project, Watercolor Rules! and how to break them.

I hope you like it.

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Podcast 06: Call yourself an artist?

I wrestle with imposter syndrome a lot. And one of the symptoms is a reluctance to refer to myself as “an artist.” A writer, a man, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a fashion model, sure, but not the ‘A’ word.

In this episode of the podcast, I have an in-depth chat with two smart women (my mum and my pal, Amanda) with very different perspectives on this phenomenon. I hope it’s helpful.

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